Craft Beers on Tap at The Garden Gate

Variety is the spice of life! So, why not come and explore one or two new craft beers from our handpicked range?

From a delicious summer ale to a classic London lager and a punchy supernatural beer that is full of flavour. We have a selection of craft beers that will have everyone’s taste buds tingling.

Round up your mates, dates and family and join us at The Garden Gate.

We'll have different beers on rotation daily but hurry, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Brooklyn Defender IPA – 5.5%
Brooklyn Brewery

Strong notes of tropical fruit, muscled bitterness with a dry finish.

Brooklyn Summer Ale – 5.0%
Brooklyn Brewery

Light, zesty with a floral aroma – clean finish & perfect for summer.

Strawberry Hells Forever – 4.6%

Tart, crisp and well-rounded lager with a strawberry twist.

Five Points Jupa – 5.5%
Brewing Company

Juicy citrus flavours, bursting with pineapple, mango & papaya.

Gigglemug – 4.9%
London Brewing Co.

Sweet, ripe tropical fruit flavours, with a dry finish & medium body.

Saucery – 3.9%
Magic Rock Brewing

Lightly sweet malt, with layers of tropical fruit & a balanced bitterness.

Meantime Easytime Lager – 4.0%

Peachy, easy-drinking lager – fresh and packed with flavour.

ALL CAPS! – 4.5%
American Pils


Sputnik – 5%
North Brewing Co.

A fruity candy aroma with assertive piney bitterness – everyone’s favourite pale ale is back!